3d天牛图库字谜总汇新彩吧it currently takes companies 9 months before they find out they have been hacked. moving security to the application layer, bitsensor changed this to 50 milliseconds, blocking attacks in real-time.

Challenges in security: GDPR

the gdpr regulations are clear and bitsensor is ready. below you will find a list of features implemented in bitsensor which will allow you to make gpdr work for your marketing department, instead of against your business.

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    monitor attacks on web applications, mobile applications and apis

    track an attacker's traces while moving through the application landscape

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    3d天牛图库字谜总汇新彩吧block newly discovered vulnerabilities

    3d天牛图库字谜总汇新彩吧block a hacker’s attributes

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    data protection by design and default

    owasp top 10 compliant

    3d天牛图库字谜总汇新彩吧security event logging

    sensitive query logging

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    3d天牛图库字谜总汇新彩吧monitor pentest coverage

    investigate the complete scope of responsible disclosure incident

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Challenges in security: DigiD

3d天牛图库字谜总汇新彩吧the digid security requirements have been renewed. there are some highly critical and difficult to implement demands in the ict-beveiligingsassessments digid documentation. bitsensor is built to comply with all of these.

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    when a query or cookie is non compliant, bitsensor will log this using our in-application security technology.

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    3d天牛图库字谜总汇新彩吧browser generates http-request. this gets picked up by the webserver. if the server doesn’t accept it, a log is being generated within bitsensor

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    reports need to be generated on user behaviour within the application. this insight can be provided by bitsensor. hooking into the authorisation framework is also possible to add more insight.

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    using ids and log checking is inherently part of the bitsensor dna.

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    3d天牛图库字谜总汇新彩吧bitsensor can help with providing the necessary insights that stem from the penetration tests. during pentests, it logs: activities, methodologies & coverage over the application.

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